Yingli – EF ECOFLOW solar panels


Yingli solar panels – EF ECOFLOW solar panel

Yingli – EF ECOFLOW solar panels is based in Baoding, China, but their photovoltaic (PV) products are shipped all over the world, including Asia, Europe, and the United States.  which has been in operation since 1998, is one of the oldest renewable energy manufacturers.

The Yingli business model encompasses the complete panel manufacturing process. Its aims to ensure that each solar panel is of high quality, from the raw materials used to create silicon solar cells, or ingots, to the backsheets.

On their website as of April 2022, they provides three varieties of monocrystalline solar modules, although only two of them are designed for residential usage. Let’s look at the price of Yingli panels and see how they compare to other solar panel manufacturers’ warranties.

EF ECOFLOW 110W Portable Solar Panel for EFDELTA


Yingli – EF ECOFLOW solar panels

DOKIO Portable Solar Panel

Yingli - EF ECOFLOW solar panels 71Y jCiEFQL. AC SL1500
Maximum Power 110 Watts
Maximum Voltage 18.5 Volts
Brand BougeRV
Material Rubber
Material Polyethylene Terephthalate

What types of modules does Yingli provide?

There are only two mono PV modules available from Yingli: the YLM 120 half-cut cell all-black panel and the YLM 144 half-cut cell monofacial panel.

  • Power rating of the module
  • Optimal performance
  • Tolerance for positive power
  • 315-320 W YLM 120 half-cut cell
  • 0/+5 W 19.08 percent
  • 435-450 W YLM 144 half-cut cell
  • 0/+5 W 20.01-20.70 percent

Yingli – EF ECOFLOW solar panels

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Rating of strength

The watts of a solar panel is its power rating. A typical domestic solar panel, for example, can provide between 275 and 400 watts. It’s crucial to remember that the wattage figure represents the maximum amount of power that solar panels can produce in ideal conditions Solar offers modules ranging from 315 to 450 watts, giving you a wide range of options. Any of  household solar panels will be sufficient to keep your home’s electricity running.

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Optimal performance

The efficiency rating of a solar panel indicates how much energy is absorbed and converted into electricity. Although some firms provide solar panels with module efficiency ratings of 22 percent, you should expect an average efficiency of 15 to 20 percent.

The efficiency ratings of Yingli Solar panels range from 19.08 percent to 20.70 percent, which are high efficiency values.

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Tolerance for positive power

Solar panels are tested under standard test settings, or conditions that remain consistent, to fairly compare and test solar panels for establishing their power rating. The positive power tolerance refers to how much energy generation varies between the power rating and the power rating. It ranges from 315W to 450W in the case of Yingli solar panels.

Yingli solar panels have a positive power rating of 0/+5 W, which means that they will not produce less than their power rating but may produce up to 5 W more than their highest rated wattage.

Yingli – EF ECOFLOW solar panels

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

What is Yingli Solar’s warranty policy?

Yingli Solar provides a 25-year performance warranty, a 12-year product warranty, and an overall limited warranty. For up to 12 years, the product guarantee will cover any concerns such as cracked or malfunctioning panels.

After 25 years, the performance warranty guarantees that Yingli panels will retain 80.70 percent of their original power output. If your solar panels decay at a faster rate than expected, Yingli will replace them.

In general, this is a good warranty. Many solar companies only offer a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year panel warranty. Yingli Solar extends the product guarantee by two years and provides a 25-year performance warranty, which is industry standard.

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What are the prices of Yingli solar panels?

While solar panels can be purchased at wholesale prices, the total cost of a solar system is determined by local installation costs, shipping costs, and other market factors. The average cost per watt for solar panels is $3.00 as of January 2022. Solar panels from Yingli range in price from $2.50 to $3.10 per watt. To give you an idea, a typical 7kW solar system costs around $21,000 before the federal tax credit.

Because Yingli is regarded for being a less priced brand, you can expect Yingli Solar panels to be slightly less expensive than the average. To get the precise cost of Yingli solar panels in your area and for your unique solar project, use our calculator to contact a local installation.

Yingli – EF ECOFLOW solar panels

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Is Yingli Solar the best option for you?

Surprisingly, Yingli Solar was the leading solar panel maker in 2013, with the highest shipment. Unfortunately, Yingli’s exponential development caused financial problems, and their parent firm, Yingli Green Energy Holding Organization Limited, was forced to restructure their entire company in order to repay corporate obligations. Yingli has had several hiccups, but they still have a high rating of 4 on Solar-Reviews, making them a good pick for solar panels.

While we recommend going with a brand from our top ten manufacturers, we wouldn’t rule out Yingli entirely. To establish which of these companies are top brands, a thorough examination of their financials, company longevity, and customer satisfaction was conducted. Yingli did not make the list, but that does not rule out the possibility of using solar energy.

Yingli – EF ECOFLOW solar panels

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

The most important takeaways

  • Residential panels  are available in two sizes, ranging from 315W to 450W.
  • Solar panels  offer high efficiency ratings ranging from 19% to 20%.
  • Yingli solar panels are a secure pick for a 25-year commitment with a decent warranty.


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