Sungrow Solar Inverters – WZRELB Inverter


Sungrow Solar Inverters – WZRELB Inverter

Sungrow Overview – Company History

Sungrow Solar Inverters: Cao Renxian, a professor at the Hefei University of Technology, created Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. in China in 1997. After learning about the dismal status of power access in rural western China, Professor Renxian founded Sungrow.


WZRELB Pure Sine Wave


61A CDgDtUL. AC SL1000 61sZmRBy2eL. AC SL1500
 Dimensions LxWxH 21.7 x 15 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight 18.81 Pounds
Total Power Outlets 2
Efficiency 88%
 Dimensions LxWxH 22 x 9.1 x 7.5 inches
Item Weight 55 Pounds
Total Power Outlets 20
Efficiency High

WZRELB Inverter

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Sungrow has now evolved to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar inverters. Sungrow has sold over 100GW of solar energy to 60 countries, giving it a 15% global market share. This has aided in the company’s $1.5 billion valuations.

Sungrow joined the Australian market in 2012 and claims to have taken roughly 15% of the market for inverters. Sungrow is a research and development company that prides itself on being a solar industry innovator. As of June 2019, this commitment had resulted in over 1,600 patent applications.

A Quick Overview of Solar Inverters

The inverter in a solar system converts the DC electricity generated by solar panels into grid-compatible AC electricity. String inverters, hybrid inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers are the four types of solar inverters.

In the solar business, string inverters have long been the standard. They transport the power generated by solar panels to a central inverter, which converts it from DC to AC electricity that may be used to power dwellings.

Hybrid inverters have the same qualities as string inverters, but they also include a charge controller for managing a battery system. Charge controllers can be purchased separately, however hybrid inverters offer the convenience of all-in-one equipment.

What is the top performer at PV Evolution Labs?

PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) has been independently testing solar panel reliability since 2014, with help from DNV GL, and has now tested solar inverters for the first time in 2019. It is a paid optional test that manufacturers must participate in. Solar panel testing is widely regarded as an excellent indicator of solar panel quality around the world. Inverter testing is likely to be recognized in the same way. Click here to read the entire PVEL scorecard.

WZRELB Inverter

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

The efficiency of Sungrow Inverters

Choosing a suitably sized inverter to optimize the solar panel system efficiency is a crucial aspect of obtaining the most value out of a solar inverter. Click here to learn more about the importance of inverter sizing and system efficiency.

Inverter efficiency norms for homes range from 95 to 98 percent. The maximum efficiency of Sungrow’s CEC-approved inverter models ranges from 97.7% to 98.6%, with the majority of the above 98 percent. Sungrow Inverters is now near the top of the household inverter industry in terms of efficiency.

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The Price of a Sungrow Inverter

Because the bulk of Sungrow inverters is made in China, they are often less expensive than their European counterparts.

Pricing that is only indicative

Indicative Price Range for Sungrow Inverter Model

$3,000 to $3,250 Sungrow SH5.0RT 5kW Hybrid Inverter

$900 to $1,100 Sungrow SG5K-D-Premium 5kW Inverter

$2,000 to $2,200 Sungrow SG10KTL-MT 10kW Inverter

Keep in mind that inverter costs often range from 10% to 20% of the total system cost, therefore it is frequently worthwhile to invest in a high-quality inverter because it will have a significant impact on the efficiency and performance of your Solar Power project.

Sungrow Inverters – What Makes Them Different?

In comparison to other inverter manufacturers, the Sungrow CEC-approved Inverter line offers a variety of kinds and configurations in the normal power range. Sungrow makes string and hybrid household inverters, with Multi-MPPT available on the SG5KTL-MT, SG10KTL-MT, SG10TL-M, and SG12KTL-M string inverter types. Transformerless inverters are used in all of the CEC-approved Sungrow inverter models, which adds to their excellent efficiency.

WZRELB Inverter

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Monitoring of Inverters

Due to the fact that all Sungrow inverter models have WIFI capability, users can remotely monitor inverter performance. The app iSolarCloud, which is accessible on both iPhone and Android, allows users to monitor performance from their phones.

Warranty on Sungrow Inverters

The majority of CEC-approved Sungrow inverters in Australia come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. A 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee is included with the Sungrow Premium Inverter Range. The guarantee period begins when the inverter is installed or 6 months from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first.

With many of the growing Chinese businesses, such as Sungrow, starting to provide a standard 10-year warranty, the usual 5-year warranty is quickly becoming one of the shortest inverter warranties given in Australia. As previously said, a warranty is only worth something if the firm that provided it is still in business, and there is a way to claim it if your Solar Installer is no longer in business. Sungrow has a strong presence in Australia, including a location in North Sydney, NSW.

Inverters from Sungrow are available in Australia in a wide range of configurations.

The Clean Energy Council has authorized the majority of Sungrow’s inverters for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, Australia’s home solar rebate program.

The following are the models:

  • SH10RT by Sungrow
  • SH8.0RT Sungrow
  • SH5.0RT Sungrow
  • SH5K-20 Sungrow
  • SH5K-30 Sungrow
  • SG5KTL-MT Sungrow
  • SG10KTL-MT Sungrow
  • SG10KTL-M Sungrow SG10KTL-M Sungrow SG10KTL-M SG12KTL-M Sungrow SG12KTL-M Sungrow SG12KTL-M61SW7TNHAEL. AC SL1000

SG5KTL-D Sungrow

SG3K-D Sungrow Premium SG5K-D Sungrow Premium

SG8K-D Sungrow Premium SG2K-S (Sungrow SG2K-S) Premium SG2K5-S Sungrow SG2K5-S Sungrow SG2K5-S Premium

SG3K-S (Sungrow SG3K-S) Premium SG3KTL-S Sungrow

Sungrow Comparison of Inverters SH5K-30 Sungrow 5kW (Hybrid)

2.5kW Sungrow SG2K5-S

SG5KTL-MT Sungrow 5kW

String Rated AC Inverter Type Hybrid Inverter Type Hybrid Inverter Type Hybrid Inverter Type Hy Maximum Continuous Output Current 22.7A 11.3A 8.5A Power Output 5000W 2500W 5500W

61MtYlA7hlL. AC SL1000

600V 600V 1100V Maximum DC Voltage

Maximum Inverter Efficiency: 97.7%, 98.2%, and 98.4%, respectively.

Dimensions in relation to safety 457 x 515 x 170 mm Switch/Connection Unit 300 x 370 x 125 mm 370 x 485 x 160 mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm

5 yrs. warranty 10 yrs. warranty 5 yrs. warranty

-25°C to 60°C operating temperature range

Temperatures range from -25°C to 60°C.

Temperatures range from -25°C to 60°C.

China’s Made in China

Sungrow’s 1500V Central Inverter Model SG3125HV-MV was installed at Kristal Solar Park in Lommel, Belgium, as an example of a commercial solar project in China. The 100MW solar park is the largest in the Benelux region, with nine separate plots totaling 227 acres. Since Q4 2019, the solar park has been connected to the grid and is expected to generate 85 GWh per year.

The Sungrow SG3125HV-three-level MV’s topology design contributes to the inverter’s maximum efficiency of 99 percent and Europe efficiency of 98.7%, ensuring premium yields for the solar park. The Sungrow SG3125HV-MV features cheap transportation and installation expenses due to its 20-foot container design.

WZRELB Inverter

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers


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