Huawei solar inverters – Renogy solar inverters


 Huawei solar inverters – Renogy solar inverters


Huawei Overview – Company History

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, is a Chinese multinational technology firm. The company was created in 1987 and is best known for inventing, producing, and marketing consumer electronics and telecommunications equipment. They surpassed Ericsson as the world’s top telecommunications company in 2012, and Apple as the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in 2018.

Solar Choice has compiled an in-depth Huawei inverter review to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

Renogy solar inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Huawei was a latecomer to the Solar Inverter business, but they quickly rose to the top of the leaderboard. Based on foreign exports, the graph below forecasts global market share in 2019. According to Wood Mackenzie, Huawei will have the greatest market share in the APAC area in 2019.

Due to worries about unauthorised access or interference, Huawei and ZTE have been barred from supplying technology to Australia’s 5G network. In 2019, Huawei stopped supplying to the US market and lay off all of its US employees, citing escalating tensions between the Trump administration and China. Huawei’s entry in the Australian solar sector hasn’t halted, and sales are expected to increase through 2020.

Huawei solar inverters - Renogy solar inverters

A Quick Overview of Solar Inverters

The inverter in a solar system converts the DC electricity generated by solar panels into grid-compatible AC electricity.

In the solar sector, string inverters (such as Huawei’s product line) have long been the standard. They transport the power generated by solar panels to a central inverter, which converts it from DC to AC electricity that may be used to power dwellings.

Microinverters, on the other hand, convert DC to AC electricity at the panel level, allowing for panel-level monitoring and power management. This is beneficial for residences that are shaded by clouds, trees, or other structures.

PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) has named Huawei SUN2000 inverters as a Top Performer. PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) tests solar inverter dependability independently. Solar inverter manufacturers pay to participate in the tests, which are voluntary. This testing procedure is well-known around the world, and it accurately reflects the performance of the solar inverter.

pure sine wave

Click here to see the complete PVEL scorecard results.


In 2019, four inverters from Huawei’s SUN2000 series were rated best performers in a variety of tests. Despite the fact that the Huawei solar inverters used in the tests were from the United States, it is reasonable to infer that the ones supplied in Australia use the same or similar technology.

Huawei is a top performer in the testing category.

  • Huawei SUN2000-11.4KTL-US High Temperature Operation Huawei SUN2000-11.4KTL-US Low Temperature Operation MPPT Efficiency Huawei SUN2000-11.4KTL-US
  • Conversion Efficiency of Huawei SUN2000-30KTL-US Huawei SUN2000-30KTL-US
  • SUN2000-375W-USP0 Huawei SUN2000-375W-USP0 Huawei SUN2000-375W-


Huawei- Renogy solar inverters

Fencia solar inverter

Huawei solar inverters - Renogy solar inverters 5157xQyG fL. AC SL1000
Brand Renogy
Brand Fencia
Material Aluminum
Material Monocrystalline Silicon
Item Dimensions LxWxH 17.8 x 8.6 x 4 inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH 23.2 x 24.8 x 3 inches
Item Weight 11.7 Pounds
Item Weight 29.3 Pounds
Maximum Surge Rating 4000 Watts
Maximum Surge Rating 3000 Watts
Input Voltage 12 Volts
Input Voltage 12 Volts

Renogy solar inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Harvesting Energy

Huawei SUN2000-28KTL Huawei SUN2000-30KTL-US Huawei SUN2000-28KTL-US Huawei SUN2000-30KTL-US

Transient Reaction

  • 30 Day Runtime Performance of Huawei SUN2000-11.4KTL-US
  • SUN2000-11.4KTL-US Huawei SUN2000-11.4KTL-US Huawei SUN2000-11.4KTL
  • Costs of Huawei Inverters
  • Due to the fact that many Huawei inverters are built in China, they can be marketed at a lower cost than their European counterparts.
  • Pricing that is only indicative
  • Huawei Lite 5KW Inverter (HUW-SUN600-5KTL)
  • $800-$850
  • Inverter Huawei 5KW (SUN2000-5KTL-L1 )
  • a range of $1,400 to $1,600
  • Inverter Huawei 12KW (SUN2000-12KTL-M0)
  • ranging from $2,600 to $2,800
  • Inverter Huawei 29.9kW (SUN2000-29.9KTL)
  • ranging from $3,600 to $3,800

Keep in mind that inverter costs often range from 10% to 20% of the total system cost, therefore it is frequently worthwhile to invest in a high-quality inverter because it will have a significant impact on the efficiency and performance of your Solar Power project.


Huawei Inverters – What Makes Them Different?

Huawei’s main line of inverters is the SUN2000 series. These are single-phase or three-phase inverters with capacities ranging from 2 to 100 kilowatts. Huawei has quickly increased its market share thanks to the SUN2000 series, which is functionally superior to many of its competitors. Especially noteworthy:

Charging of hybrid batteries

RESU6.5 LG Chem

The Huawei SUN2000 inverters are hybrid, with an inbuilt battery charger that allows them to be linked to a battery right away, or open up choices for clients who want to be “battery ready.” It’s the only battery system for the LG Chem RESU 7H and 10H that’s specified as compatible. The Huawei inverters are also compatible with Huawei’s own solar battery, the LUNA2000.

Multiple MPPTs are available, as well as the possibility of using power optimizers.

Renogy solar inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

SolarEdge Power Optimiser (SolarEdge Power Optimiser)

Even the smallest Huawei SUN2000L inverters have two MPPTs, allowing one inverter to be utilized for two strings of panels in two different orientations. Power optimisers can be selectively installed on additional orientations for a third or fourth orientation, making it less expensive than a comprehensive power optimiser or micro inverter system. The average cost of a panel optimiser is $70-80 per panel. So, instead of installing 30 power optimisers on a 10kW system with 30 solar panels, you may only install 10 power optimisers, saving $1,400 to 1,600. (plus additional labour costs).

Huawei Solar Inverter Smart IV Curve Diagnosis 3.0Huawei solar inverter smart IV curve diagnosis

The built-in IV curve-tester is a first in the industry, and it’s designed to track Solar Panel degradation and verify it meets the manufacturer’s warranty requirements (e.g. Solar Panel warrantied to produce 82 percent of initial nameplate rating after 25 years, degrading 2 percent in the first year and 0.7 percent p.a. after that). The solution creates an IV curve using big data analysis and Artificial Intelligence algorithms that can be compared to the Solar Panel Manufacturer’s claims. Huawei claims that their results are accurate to within 0.5 percent of the true value. Customers must fill out a form on Huawei’s website and pay a license fee to a local distributor to gain access to this functionality.

Fans are replaced by natural cooling.

Natural cooling technology is used in Huawei inverters. This essentially implies they can control the unit’s temperature without the use of noisy fans. For commercial applications or any case where the inverter would be situated close to useful areas, this might be a game-changer. The lack of fans also has benefits in terms of safety and reduced corrosion risk over time. Given that PV Evolution Labs called the Huawei SUN2000-11.4KTL-US a high performer in both hot and low temperatures, it appears that the ‘natural cooling’ works as well as they promise.


The Huawei Inverters’ Limitations

The lack of an Emergency Power Supply mode (EPS) is a serious disadvantage for anyone wishing to use their solar battery during a blackout (grid outage). Although a solar battery does not make economic sense in almost every situation, providing backup power to the grid is one of the key benefits and reasons why homes and small companies are installing batteries now.

According to Huawei’s user manual, inverters should not be installed in salt zones, which are defined as being 500 meters from the shore or exposed to sea breeze. That is a fairly broad term that encompasses a considerable chunk of Australian structures. Despite the fact that Huawei inverters are IP65 rated, putting them in certain areas may affect your ability to claim warranty. Also check 10 LG solar panels

Renogy solar inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Warranty Periods for Huawei

Huawei’s products come with a full 10-year guarantee that includes a spare product, logistics, and replacement costs. They can also be extended for an extra fee up to an industry-leading 20 years. A 5-year extension to 15 years on the Huawei SUN2000-5KTL inverter would cost an extra $300, and a 10-year extension to 20 years would cost $600 at the time of writing.

Inverters from Huawei have been approved for usage in Australia.

The Clean Energy Council has accepted the majority of Huawei inverters for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, Australia’s home solar rebate scheme.

MODEL NUMBER EXPIRY PHASES AC OUTPUT IEC 62116 IEC 62619 2KTL-L1 25-06-23 1 2000 Hybrid Inverters (with battery charging) MODEL NUMBER EXPIRY PHASES AC OUTPUT IEC 62116 IEC 62619 2KTL-L1 25-06-23 1 2000

  • Yes
  • No \s3KTL-L1 25-06-23 1 3000
  • Yes No \s4KTL-L1 25-06-23 1 4000
  • Yes No \s4.6KTL-L1 25-06-23 1 4600
  • Yes
  • No \s5KTL-L1 25-06-23 1 4999
  • Yes
  • No \sSUN2000-5KTL-M0 30-09-22 3 5000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-6KTL-M0 30-09-22 3 6000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000L-4.6KTL 28-11-20 1 4990
  • Yes No \sSUN2000L-4kTL 28-11-20 1 4400
  • Yes No \sSUN2000L-3kTL 28-11-20 1 3300
  • Yes No \sSUN2000L-2kTL 28-11-20 1 2200
  • Yes No \sSUN2000L-5KTL 28-11-20 1 4990
  • Yes MODEL NUMBER EXPIRY PHASES AC OUTPUT IEC 62116 IEC 62619 100kTL-M1 25-Jun-23 3 100,000kTL-M1 25-Jun-23 3 100,000kTL-M1 25-Jun-23 3 100,000kTL-M1 25-Jun-23 3 100,000kTL-M1 25-Jun-23 3 100,000kTL-M1 25-Jun-23 3 100,000kTL-M1 25
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-20KTL-M0 30-Sep-22 3 20,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-17kTL-M0 30-Sep-22 3 17,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-15kTL-M0 30-Sep-22 3 15,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-12kTL-M0 30-Sep-22 3 12,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-10kTL-M0 30-Sep-22 3 10,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-8kTL-M0 30-Sep-22 3 8,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-29.9KTL 17-Jan-22 3 29,900
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-8KTL 18-Oct-21 3 8,800
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-12KTL 18-Oct-21 3 13,200
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-17KTL 18-Oct-21 3 18,700
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-20KTL 18-Oct-21 3 22,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-33KTL 07-Dec-20 3 33,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-36KTL 01-Feb-22 3 40,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-42KTL 01-Feb-22 3 47,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-55KTL-HV-D1
  • 28-Nov-20 3 55,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-65KTL-M0 13-Sep-21 3 72,000
  • Yes No \sSUN2000-50KTL-M0 13-Sep-21 3 50,000 Yes No

A comparison of Huawei Solar Inverters that are commonly used in Australia.

5 kW Huawei SUN2000 -5KTL-L1 SUN2000 -5KTL-L1 SUN2000 -5KTL Huawei SUN2000-10KTL-M0 10kW 29.9 kW Huawei SUN2000-29.9KTL Power Phases AC with a rating of one three three 5,000VA 10,000VA 29,900VA Power Output

  • 21.7A 17A 36.2A Maximum Continuous Output Current
  • Maximum DC Input 7,500W 20,000W MPPTs not available
  • 2 2 4
  • 98.4 percent 98.5 percent 98.6 percent 98.4 percent 98.4 percent 98.4 percent 98.4 percent 98.4 percent 98.4 percent


  • 525 x 470 x 262 mm 930 x 550 x 283 mm 365 x 365 x 156 mm 365 x 365 x 156 mm 365 x 365 x 156 mm 365 x 365 x 156 mm 365 x 365 x 156 mm 365 x 365 x 156
  • -25°C to 60°C -25°C to 60°C -25°C to 60°C -25°C to 60°C -25°C to 60°C
  • China China China Made in China

Renogy solar inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Should you consider Huawei for your solar project, in conclusion?

If you need a hybrid inverter for a residential project, Huawei has a cost-effective solution. Although Huawei is less expensive than its major European competitors (Fronius and SMA), when considering product characteristics, warranty durations, and flexibility, it may provide certain benefits. If you want to use a hybrid battery system during a blackout, Huawei is regrettably not an option. Huawei inverters are an excellent alternative for most projects, and we believe they will continue to have a prominent presence in the solar sector in the future.


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