Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters


Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters

Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Power Inverters offer you an easier way to harness the unlimited power of the sun while saving you money! These small, lightweight devices are easy to install, small enough to fit on your roof, and effective. Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters The company is equipped to handle any type of rooftop or solar-project application.

Solar Choice’s Independent Review of Delta Solar Inverters

Delta – a brief overview of the company’s history

Delta Group, based in Taiwan, was founded in 1971 with the primary goal of producing switching power supplies. They’ve expanded into power electronics, industrial building automation, and energy infrastructure projects over the previous 50 years. The Delta Group made an annual profit of AUD$1.1 billion in 2019, indicating that they are financially stable.

Delta began developing their first 260W grid-connect inverter for the German market in 1999. They now produce solar inverters ranging in power from 2.5 to 140 kW and distribute them globally through local websites and offices in the United States, China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Australia. Noting Hill, Victoria, is the location of their Australian office.


SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters

Wagan Solar Inverters

Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters 71Fzkt3pv1S. AC SL1500
Item Dimensions LxWxH 25.6 x 9.1 x 7.5 inches
Item Weight 76.7 Pounds
Efficiency 88%
Output Voltage 240 Volts
Brand Wagan
Item Dimensions LxWxH 24 x 12 x 9 inches
Item Weight 21.5 Pounds
Efficiency 24 Volts
Output Voltage 10000 Watts

Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

A quick primer on solar inverters

The inverter in a solar system converts the DC electricity generated by solar panels into grid-compatible AC electricity. Inverters are often divided into two types: string inverters and micro-inverters.

String inverters (which include Delta’s whole product line) have long been the industry standard in the solar business. They transport the power generated by solar panels to a central inverter, which converts it from DC to AC electricity that may be used to power dwellings. Delta also specializes in hybrid string inverters, which can both charge a battery and utilize solar energy as soon as it is generated.

Micro-inverters, which are often more costly, offer a miniature inverter for each solar panel installed. This means that each panel runs independently, giving you a better view of your performance and potentially allowing you to take advantage of some advantages in partially shaded settings.

61vD1OsZiBL. AC SL1500

Delta Inverters are a unique type of inverter.

H5A 222 Delta

Single-phase inverters with one or two MMPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking), three-phase inverters with dual MMPTs, and hybrid storage inverters with two MMPTs and a 6kwh battery are all manufactured by Delta. Transformer less inverters are used in all of the CEC-approved Delta Inverter models, which adds to their excellent efficiency.

The principal series for residential applications, Delta’s home series, is designed to supply electricity with a capacity of 2.5kW to 5kW. This collection also includes the E5 hybrid inverter with a battery backup option.

The Delta H5A 222 inverter (5kW) is one of the company’s most popular residential inverter models. In comparison to Fronius’ similar 5kW inverter, which starts at 80v, the inverter has an incredibly low start up voltage of 35V. The Delta inverter will run longer in the early morning and late evening as a result of this. While the difference will not be considerable in the short term, the savings will add up during the system’s lifetime.

Although it is not suitable for most common applications, this inverter is one of the few possibilities for generating power with only one panel. To generate power, most inverters require three or more panels.

61jqC3LG5mL. AC SL1500

PV Evolution Labs rated certain of Delta’s inverters as Top Performers.

Inverters with the Best Performance in 2019 according to PV Evolution Labs

PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) is well-known for conducting independent evaluations on the performance of solar panels. They also started testing solar inverters in 2019. Because participation in their testing technique is voluntary for solar inverter manufacturers, not all inverter models are evaluated. It is, however, a fantastic proof point for inverters dubbed “super performers.”

Click here to see the complete PVEL scorecard results.

Some of Delta’s inverters performed exceptionally well in the following three tests in 2019:

Top Performers in the Testing Category Passive Chamber

  • Delta M8-TL-US Powered Thermal Cycling • Delta M80U High Temperature Operation • Delta M8-TL-US Low Temperature Operation • Delta Saliva 3.8 TL MPPT Efficiency • Delta M80U AC Operational Envelope • Delta M80U DC Operational Envelope • Delta M80U Transient Response

71aRWMygZmL. AC SL1500

What are the prices of Delta solar inverters?

Delta inverters are manufactured in China and have reached a substantial scale of production, allowing them to offer cost-effective prices of around 23c per watt on the Australian market.

Pricing that is only indicative

  • Indicative Price Range for the Solis Inverter Model
  • 5kW Delta-H5A 222
  • a range of $1,000 to $1,300
  • $2,300 – $2,600 Delta-RPI-M10A 10kW
  • 30kW Delta-RPI-M30A
  • $3,600 – $3,900 – $3,600 – $3,900 – $3,600

Keep in mind that inverter costs often range from 10% to 20% of the total system cost, therefore it is frequently worthwhile to invest in a high-quality inverter because it will have a significant impact on the efficiency and performance of your Solar Power project.

7169Kywm1aL. AC SL1500

Efficiency of Delta Inverters

Choosing a suitably sized inverter to optimize the solar panel system efficiency is a crucial aspect of obtaining the most value out of a solar inverter. Click here to learn more about the importance of inverter sizing and system efficiency.

Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Inverter efficiency criteria for residential use range from 95 to 98 percent. Delta inverters are near the top of this spectrum, with a’maximum efficiency’ of at least 97.5 percent across their whole product line.

A number of Delta models, like the Delta RPI 4.99kW, have a maximum efficiency of over 98 percent (RPI commercial series M6A). With a maximum efficiency of 98.3 percent, this Dual-MPTT string inverter is one of the most efficient alternatives for small commercial applications.

Warranties for Delta Inverters

All CEC-approved Delta inverters in Australia come with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee. In Australia, most inverters come with a 5- or 10-year warranty, so Delta is on the shorter end of the spectrum. Clients can purchase an additional five years of warranty directly from Delta, and installers can purchase an extension on behalf of their customers for a total of up to 15 years.

If a customer has a warranty issue, the first line of support for replacing or repairing the product should be the original installer who installed the system. Customers who are unable to reach their original installer should call Delta’s warranty service at 1300 335 823 or fill out a form on their website to receive assistance from their local office in Australia.

In Australia, there is a large selection of Delta Inverters.

The Clean Energy Council has authorized the bulk of Delta’s inverters (under the name Delta Electronics Inc) for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, Australia’s home solar rebate scheme.

The CEC has authorized the following common residential Delta inverter series and sizes:

71HfqKGgCuL. AC SL1500

2.5kW-5kW Delta Home series H2.5-H5A

Delta E5 Hybrid Energy Storage System 7kW Delta RPI M-Series M6A/M10A/M30A 4.99kW-30kW Delta RPI M-Series M6A/M10A/M30A 4.99kW-30kW

Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Pros and Cons of Delta Solar Inverters

  • Pros Performed admirably in PV Evolution Labs’ independent testing.
  • High efficiency and performance that is near to the top of the market
  • Cons: Delta has an office in Australia with local support workers.
  • The standard 5-year warranty is smaller than competitors’ 10-year warranties.
  • In Australia, there are no case studies for large-scale commercial initiatives.
  • Specifications of Delta Solar Inverters are compared (common models)
  • H3A 211 Delta 3kW
  • H4A 211 Delta 4kW
  • H5A 222 Delta 5kW
  • A/C rated 3kW 4kW 5kW 3kW 4kW 5kW 3kW 4kW 5kW 3kW 4kW 5kW 3kW 4kW 5 Single-phase Single-phase Single-phase
  • 14.3A 18.6A 23A Maximum Continuous Output Current
  • The number of MPPTs is two (2) two (2) two (2) two (2) two (2) two (2) two (2) two (2)
  • 97.5 percent maximum inverter efficiency
  • 97.5 percent, 97.5 percent, 97.5 percent, 97.5 percent, 97.5 percent
  • Weight 9.7kg 10.5kg 12kg Dimensions 380*318*130 mm 380*318*130 mm 380*318*130 mm 380*318*130 mm

Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers


  • 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5
  • -25°C to 60°C -25°C to 60°C -25°C to 60°C -25°C to 60°C -25°C to 60°C
  • China China China Made in China

71Xu11Pf30L. AC SL1500

Is a Delta inverter appropriate for your project?

Delta inverters appear to be of good quality in a variety of areas, based on their performance in independent testing. The Delta Group’s financial strength, as well as the fact that they have an office in Victoria, gives you some peace of mind that you won’t be left stranded if something goes wrong.

Delta-SUNGOLDPOWER Solar Inverters

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

As a result, we believe Delta is an excellent solution for your project, particularly with a warranty extension of up to 10 or 15 years.

  • Vandel, Denmark is an example of a large-scale Delta Inverter project.
  • PV System: 113.1MWp Inverters: 1508 M50A inverters from Delta
  • CO2 saved in total: 46,410 tons per year


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