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 AXITEC Solar Panels- Nature Power Solar Panels


AXITEC – Company Overview and History

AXITEC Energy, based in Germany, was created in 2001 with a focus on the solar module and energy storage markets. The company’s engineering, research, and design work are done in Germany, while its manufacturing capacity of 800MWp is split across Asia and Europe. AXITEC solar panels are made in China and sold in Australia and New Zealand.

With an office in Adelaide, South Australia, AXITEC Energy Australia, a subsidiary of AXITEC Energy GmbH Co.KG, joined the Australian and New Zealand markets in 2019. Due to concerns with their warranty documentation, minimum power rating, and year of production, AXITEC Solar Panels were briefly available in 2017 before being delisted from the Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved product list. The CEC has now authorized 35 models to resolve these difficulties in the previous two years.


AXITEC Solar Panels
Nature Power Solar Panel
AXITEC Solar Panels - Nature Power Solar Panels 71YZ4vp56IL. AC SL1400
Brand Axitec
Material Aluminum
Item Dimensions LxWxH
41.73 x 22.05 x 2.36 inches
Item Weight
20.06 Pounds
Efficiency High Efficiency
Brand Nature Power
Material Polycrystalline Silicon
Item Dimensions LxWxH 41 x 27 x 2 inches
Item Weight 19 Pounds
Efficiency High Efficiency

Nature Power Solar Panels

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Solar panels are now distributed by AXITEC Energy Australia directly to solar installers or through distribution partners Krannich Solar and Trade zone. They’ve told Solar Choice that they’re working on an agreement with another distributor and that fresh solar panels would be available later this year.
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Important Indicators

Solar Panels by AXITEC

No PV Evolution Labs Top Performer according to Bloomberg Tier 1

There is no office in Australia.

What is a Bloomberg Tier 1 Solar Panel, and how does it work?

Bloomberg’s infamous tier 1 designation is in no way indicative of the quality of solar panels. It’s just an assessment of the manufacturer’s bankability based on publicly available financial data. If the company is a significant, well-known manufacturer, this should offer you an indication.

The current Bloomberg Tier 1 list does not include AXITEC Energy.

What is the top performer at PV Evolution Labs?

PV Evolution Labs independently tests solar panel dependability with the help of DNV GL. The tests are completely voluntary, with solar panel producers paying to take part. This testing procedure is well-known around the world, and it accurately reflects the solar panel’s performance.

PV Evolution Labs’ Top Performers listings do not include AXITEC Solar Panels.

See the complete list of PV Evolution Labs’ Best Solar Panels.

Nature Power Solar Panels

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Why is it important to have an office in Australia?

Most solar panel manufacturers who enter the Australian market focus on setting up distribution channels first, then on customer service. As a result, many disgruntled consumers are attempting to contact Chinese headquarters in order to claim their 10-year product warranty.

Relying on your solar installation isn’t always a good idea, as over 700 home solar installers (including the big ones) have gone out of business since 2011. AXITEC Energy Australia Pty Ltd is AXITEC’s office in Adelaide, South Australia.

71d0SwbY8vL. AC SL1155

Solar Panels from AXITEC are now available in Australia.

The Clean Energy Council has certified 35 AXITEC solar panels for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme – Australia’s home solar rebate program (listed under the name of AXITEC Energy GmbH & Co KG).

However, at the time of writing, the following four solar panel models were the only ones available:

AXIpremium XL HC BLK AXIpremium XL HC BLK AXIpremium

370W solar panel by Axitec AXIpremium XL HC BLK AXIpremium XL HC BLK AXIpremium The AXIpremium XL HC BLK solar panel has a 370W output and a 20.31 percent panel efficiency. Compared to most other options on the market, we would consider this to be an above-average panel efficiency. The solar panel measures 1.75m by 1.04m and has 120 half-cut cells, making it suited for home and commercial solar applications.

This panel has a black aluminum frame, which improves the solar panel’s visual look and is often a key consideration for home solar systems.

Nature Power Solar Panels

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Axitec 400W AXIpremium XXL HC BLK solar panel.

JPG AXIpremium XXL HC BLKAs the name implies, this panel is quite similar to the AXIpremium XL HC BLK, but it is slightly larger with a 400W output and 20% higher efficiency. The panel proportions are slightly increased to 1.72m by 1.13m, however, the number of half-cut solar cells per panel is reduced to 108.

Both solar panels come with a 15-year product warranty as well as a 25-year performance warranty that ensures 85 percent of the nominal output at the end of the 25th year.

AXIpremium XL HC AXIpremium XL HC AXIpremium (commercial)

440W solar panel by Axitec AXIpremium XL HC AXIpremium XL HC AXIpremium With 144 monocrystalline half cells, the AXIpremium XL HC solar panel is a bigger commercial-sized solar panel. A module efficiency of 20.70 percent supports the nominal power output of 450W.

The dimensions of the panel (2.09m by 1.04m) suggest that AXITEC is using larger silicon cells in the construction of this panel to achieve the nameplate 450W rating, despite the fact that this is not stated in the product data-sheet.

51S52S6sBbL. AC

AXIpremium XXL HC AXIpremium XXL HC AXIpremium (commercial)

540W solar panel by Axitec AXIpremium XXL HC AXIpremium XXL HC AXIpremium By both dimensions (2.23m by 1.13m) and output (540W), this solar panel is Axitec’s largest available in Australia. It would only be viable for large-scale rooftops where solar panels can be thrown onto the roof by a crane or forklift, or for ground-mounted systems, at this size and weight of 23.5kg.

With a module conversion efficiency rating of 20.89 percent, this panel is Axitec’s most efficient of the alternatives available in Australia.

Nature Power Solar Panels

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers


AXITEC’s Guarantee

A product and performance guarantee is included with solar panels. The product warranty, which is normally 10 years for most solar panel manufacturers, is designed to cover manufacturing flaws in the panel that result in damage or malfunction. A 15-year standard product guarantee is included with all AXITEC panels. This is more expensive than the majority of solar panel solutions on the market.

After 25 years, the performance warranty ensures a set level of output for the life of the panel, usually 80-82 percent of the nameplate output. All AXITEC Energy ranges come with a 25-year performance warranty and a guaranteed output of 85% after that time, putting them on the premium end of the market.

Pros and Cons of AXITEC Solar Panels


  • Engineering, research, and design are entirely done at their German headquarters.
  • Have an office in Adelaide, Australia.
  • Provide a black-panel range that is aesthetically pleasing.


  • PV Evolution Labs does not list this solar panel as a top performer.
  • The Bloomberg Tier 1 list does not include you.
  • In comparison to Europe, Asia, and Africa, Australia has a smaller portfolio of completed projects.
  • Specifications of AXITEC Solar Panels Compared (common modules)
  • AC-370MH/120VAU AXIpremium XL HC (black frame)
  • AC-400MH/108VAU AXIpremium XXL HC (black frame)
  • AC-450MH/144VAU AXIpremium XL HC
  • 120 Half Cells, 108 Half Cells, and 144 Half Cells

Type of Cell




370W 400W 450W Power Output

34.50V 31.2V 41.60V Nominal Power Voltage

20.31 percent 20.46 percent 20.70 percent Panel Efficiency


Dimensions: 1755 x 1038 x 35 mm

2094 x 1038 x 35 mm Weight 20 kg 22 kg 23.5 kg Dimensions: 1724 x 1134 x 35 mm Dimensions: 2094 x 1038 x 35 mm Dimensions: 20 kg 22 kg 23.5 kg Dimensions: 20 kg 22 kg 23.5 kg

Nature Power Solar Panels

US Product is better for US Consumers

 US Consumers

Warranty on the product

15-year period

15 Years 15 Years 15 Years

-40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C

AXITEC’s solar project is an example

20kWp AXITEC Solar Project

The only solar project in the Australian market listed on AXITEC’s website is a 20kW home installation (see image on the right). The AXIpremium XL HC BLK solar panels with aesthetically beautiful black frames appear to be used.

Solar panels made by AXITEC have been used in megawatt-scale commercial projects as well as small solar farm projects in Europe, Asia, and Africa.


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