solar or low voltage path lights?

i’m looking around for some path way lights for the side of my house on along a walkway. and i was looking at solar path lights and low voltage which requires wires and a power source. i know low voltage are harder to install but thats not a problem for me haha. but yea i was wondering which were better because its a dark area and the solar ones dont look bright enough. answer with a link also to show me some ideas. its a step stone along the side of the drive way then at the end of it it turns into a deck like walkway thats like a couple inches off the ground. so if you can find lights that you think would look really nice with that (you dont have to if you cant picture it) thanks allot.

Low Voltage all the way. Solar technology has not been perfected yet. The solar lights on the market are expensive and do not put out enough light. I have done my own experimentation into solar lighting. You can build a solar lighting system from scratch yourself that will put out the same amount of light as low voltage but the starting cost is around three thousand dollars.So again solar technology is not yet perfected. I would not suggest the inexpensive low voltage hardware store lights but they are still better than solar. You may want to find a local lighting store and look at their lights. Below are links to three of the professional landscape light manufacturers.

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