How many watts does my solar panel need to be if I am running lights only at night?

I want to use 12vDc rope lighting that is 3 watts per foot and i am looking to use approx 64 ft of light. I am probably only going to have the lights on for 3-4 hours at night. I will be running the lights off a 12 volt car battery. What wattage will my solar panel need to be to recharge the battery during the day. I would appreciate any help, Thank You! I am also looking at led lighting that is only 0.8 watt per foot.

Here is the math.

3W/ft * 64 ft = 192W
4hr * 192W = 768Whr <— energy needed per day

768Whr / 12v = 64Ahr
64Ahr * 200%(d-rate) = 128Ahr <— Your battery needs to be a minimum 128 Amp – Hour to opperate without damaging itself.

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