Why isn’t this Sarah Palin story being covered by CNN or MSNBC?

Obamma pledged during his campaign to get 25% of the USA on renewable energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro) by 2020.

At the end of this week Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska proposed a new comprehensive energy plan for Alaska – calling for 50% of the state to be on renewable energy by 2024 – and cutting all domestic diesel generation of electricity in outlying villages and communities by half. Currently, 24% of all Alaskan power is already renewable – 90% with hydro electric and 10% wind turbines.

Several non-profit enviromental groups that traditionally have never gotten along with Palin or the state of Alaska have reviewed the plan – saying it is a totally remarkable document and a plan with goals possible to acheive. Claiming it is a landmark decision for the state to assume a front runner role in renewable energy – it cleary puts Alaska at the head of the renewable energy frontier.

For the United States of America this is really big news – currently Germany and Japan have been the leaders in non-fossile fuel development and implementation. Alaska has the financial reserves and backbone to pull this off on thier own without need of federal aid – this could bring the USA back into the lime light for this advancing technology. This is really good news.

Why no mention of this on CNN or MSNBC? What does this say about our main stream news media when they cannot bring themselves to say something good about someone who they once opposed? This is scary – what else have they not reported because it might make them look bad??

“But, it ain’t the job of politicians to inform you. It IS the job of the media, but their central concern is to sell you, and therefore they don’t want to upset you. Their primary responsibility is NOT to their readers, but to the owners, or the stockholders. And it is the interests of the military-industrial- complex that millions REMAIN uninformed and misinformed about….” by Mumea Abul Jamal

…”EVERYTHING!”… *added by gizzard girl

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