china’sproducing pollution, it is though investing in solar energy. what other counries are doing this?

Solar Energy Booming in China

by Zijun Li on September 23, 2005

Solar Energy Booming in China

The city of Beijing, China’s second-largest energy consumer, has announced plans to build a “solar street” where buildings, streetlights, and other features will run entirely on energy from the sun. A second pilot project in the city’s Xuanwu Park will introduce solar power for lighting, heating, and refrigeration. .

In a move to cut domestic reliance on coal and oil, the Chinese parliament passed a historic law in February pledging to use renewable energy resources for 10 percent of China’s energy consumption by 2020. The new law includes details on the purchase and use of solar photovoltaics (PV), solar water heating, and renewable energy fuels. In particular, the government will promote the use of solar PV in b

China will bury the earth in waste and its OK because its not the US

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