Misusing Electricity-during day time-when the sun is shining? Stop! Save the world-It’s now or never?

U-SEE (Unlimited Savings of Electrical Energy), a World Bank honored innovative idea for reducing misuse of electricity units is explained. It does not involve technology nor requires billions. U know solar light is infinite. Many of us burn bulbs during day time for lighting purpose.Sun is shining just outside our window. Let us bring home the sunshine. Switch off all bulbs and do the following.

U need simple house hold mirror, small pillow. Place the pillow on the ground or a chair outside the window and place the mirror on it in an angular position so that sun’s rays falling on the mirror is deflected through the window and on to the white ceiling and watch natural light spread inside your room.Use a bigger mirror and u can vary the lux and lumins of light. The light u get is free, reduces bulb burning/global warming, preserves natural resources. We can save 7,00,000 units per month if 1,00,000 people can stop using one bulb during day time. Let’s do it
Browse World Bank website 4 U-SEE:

This U-SEE idea is so simple and to make it work all of us can become innovators depending upon the place where the sunlight falls in and around your house. If u r innovative, u can even take the sunshine into other rooms by placing another mirror to take a part of the sunlight deflected by just altering the angle of the 2nd mirror. Anywhere in the world, we can safely assume that sun’s rays will be available between 150 to 200 days in a year. Imagine, if half the world’s population adopts U-SEE and switch off two or more bulbs and get free light from U-SEE what would be savings accruing to our future generation!? Save the world please.
One of the answerers is trying to correct English language used in the question. My request to him is, please take the crux of the matter in a holistic manner or else learn SMS and MMS language used by the present day generation. I am trying to create awareness on misuse of electricity and not usage of language. Have a look at the language used in other answers on varied subjects and then come back, if u must.

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