Can you make out different ISS segments if observing it from the ground with the naked eye?

Yesterday I saw the ISS from the ground for the first time and it looked amazing – I checked the sighting schedule on NASA’s website, went to the roof of my building and observed it clearly. Even though I live in the middle of a huge metropolitan area, the sky was clear and the ISS was the brightest object in the sky, not counting the Moon.

It was so bright and shiny, I could definitely tell it had a structure to it, it looked like a very very bright reflective object with a halo around it and I could tell it was slightly elongated and segmented and I’m pretty sure I could make out the solar panels and see things branching off from the main body.

I have to say, I was very surprised it looked so real, I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to see it at all and I was stunned with the amount of detail I was able to make out with just a naked eye in an environment of heavy light pollution.

Would anyone care to share if they were able to observe as much detail with the naked eye?

No details, but I did see the shuttle floating next to it once. It was about two years ago over Washington state. I was expecting to see that. But about a week ago I saw three nearby objects in the same apparent orbit traveling togerther. I knew the Shuttle was up there then but I assumed it would have been docked by then. No idea what the third object would’ve been. I never checked honestly so it could’ve just been three ordinary satellites. NO, NOT UFO’s Lol.

But anyway you must have some damn good eyes cause I’ve never seen any details like you’ve seen. And I have good eyes!
Should change your user name to Eagle Eyes. Heck you should work for NASA.

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