What are your favorites “green” products?

– Which green products do you believe have the greatest impact for the for personal use?

– Which ones do you like the best?

– Which ones are a waste of time?

– Do you go out of your way to buy earth friendly products if it is a comparable price and quality?

– Would you be willing to pay a little extra to buy more earth friendly products?

– Do you even take it into consideration if it is earth friendly or not when making your purchase decision?

– Do you think that people overstate their “greenness” to be trendy?

– Are you considering buying green Christmas/ Birthday Presents?

– Which of these do you consider earth friendly:

Solar products
recycled products fair trade
wind energy Products
organic products
bamboo products
efficient lighting
recycling assistants (bins, can crushers, sorters, water purifiers, water bottles, etc)
Earth Friendly cleaning supplies, cosmetics, body care products, etc.

I would greatly appreciate people providing feedback on this topic.

Basicallly I am starting a green goods store because I try to buy everything I can that is eco friendly, and I have found that a majority of it is crap that Ii end up having to pitch anyway, and almost all of it is overpricced for what you get bbecause it has the “green” label on it. Obviously I am in it to make some money, but I am primarily in it to help others to be more environmentallly friendly, be confident in the quality they will recieve, and know that each product was researched for the validity of their “green claims”.

What do you all think?

I believe that products that create the biggest impacts will be products you use frequently.
Some examples would be:
Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners
Reusable Bags
Efficient Lighting
Recycling Products

Items like solar phone chargers and wind energy radios for the most part seem to just cash in on the “green” label and either don’t function correctly, are too costly, or just useless.

I am willing to pay more for an eco-friendly product if it is well made and if I’m sure that it really is a greener alternative.

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