I am trying to be more “green”.. Solar, 40 watt or Low Voltage?

I am trying to be more “green”, but I wonder if I am just defeating my purpose by buying so much plastic solar lights, and wondering if using my old low voltage lights would be less detremental to the earth, or just using 4 or five 40 watt flood lights on timers, where only 1 or two are on at a time.

Any suggestions of offers to where I can find out helpful inormaiton?

Thanks in advance.

I take it you are talking about outdoor lighting here. The answer is pretty easy. Go with the solar ones. I have some I got from Frontgate. They are nice, use LEDs, and they really did cost about the same as it would have cost me to get the same lights with a transformer. The solar cells use two rechargable AA batteries, which are good for about 18 to 24 months before I replace them. So the battery cost is a bit less than the energy used via a transformer, but I like being able to place the lights where ever I want and not worry about long low voltage wire runs.

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