i want a good deck of yugioh can you chouse the cards that should be in it?



domino effect

synchro boost

mystical cards of light

owners seal

advance draw

six scrolls ot the samurai

double tool c&d

emergency assistance

against the wind

ballsta of rampart smashing

change of heart

hydro pressure cannon

vengeful servant

assault overload

super solar nutrient

natural tune

harpies hunting ground

psi station

dark hole

unstable evolution

rush recklessly

gladiator best battle archfiend shild x2

giant trundade

creature swap

sword of kusanagi



junk barrage

gladiator proving ground


chain summoning

dimension explosion

orb of yasaka


mirage tube

d – formation

tricky spell 4

super solar


metaphysical regeneration

synchro deflector

sanguine swamp

pixie ring

rainbow path

morphtroic mix-up

battle of the elements

ming haxorz

widespread ruin

raigeki break

gottoms emergency call


scrap-iron scarecrow


transmigration break

automatic laser

nightmare archfiends

psychic soul

fruits of kozakys studies

ultimate offering

gemini trap hole

psychic rejuvenation

graceful revival

lightsworn barrier

dust tornado

half or nothing

at one with the sword

fake explosion

lucky chance


tokens x3

turbo warrior

ancient fairy drangon

x-saber urbellum

junk warrior

stardust drangon

x2 quillbolt hedgehhog

jenis lightworn mender

xx-saber ragigura

noisy gnat

shark cruiser

sunny pixie

cyber-tecg alligator

harpie girl


des koala

gemini lancer

morphtronic slingen

winged drangon guardian of the fortress

gogiga gagagigo

element magician

mermaid archer

harpie lady 1

telekinetic shocker

saber beetle

rose tentacles

imprisoned queen archfiend

speed warrior

blackwing – shura the blue flame

koa ki meiru boulder

interplanetray invader a

batteryman micro-cell

twin-shield defender

drak-eys illusionist

g.b. hunter

flamvell firedog

bee list soldier

koa ki meiru hydro barrier

arcane apprentice

herald of orange light

jutte fighter

blackwing-fane the steel chain


pitch-black warwolf

armed sea hunter

wind effigy

future samurai

blue thundert-45


dupe frog

cross-sword beetle

flip flop frog

assault beast

gladiator beast equeste

a-team trap disposal

junk synchron

sasuke samurai

gladiator beast andal

x-saber airbellum

powered tuner


mecha-dog marron

destiny hero – -dread servant

the drangon dwelling i the cave

sonic chick x-saber anu piranha

goblin attack force

x-saber galahad

goblin recon squad

atlantean pikeman

road synchron

assault mercenary

What kind of deck do you want to make? How do you want it to operate? Is this the list of cards you do have? I will more info to truly be able to help you make a good deck.

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