My Poem; An actor in a “Tragical Comedy”?

That’s fine. Have your laughs.

Laugh, as you look through at your screen.
My Love’s not lost.
Though, you test my Heart’s child.
You put my Love on your cross.
As my heart-felt poetry, is burnt and tossed.
If i’m an actor, it must be somebody’s comedy.

Don’t act like I’m a charmer.
I believe in Karma.
And I Trust in Love.
I thank you for making mine a bit stronger.
My heart could go on, much longer.
I could run…
instead i pour my feelings.
The Sun will give me healing.
Who cares who likes my solar reference? It’s not a device to me.
The original religion of my ancestors.
Say what you will.
I trust it’s light still.
You can’t dowse flames of true love
Nor kill a pure dove.
Shoot it and put it in it’s grave.
From there, you shall still have it’s Love.
I ascribed poetical beauty;
to one who would do what you would to me?
I guess the flower, had hidden poison.
With a sweet scent, to lure the boys in.
I love your poison, and take it.
Love: i don’t fake it.

i cud cry

thou if this love is a poison,
id recommend u not taken it in,
at first a sweet scent, but the poison will settle in

who labels you a charmer
or an actor
and not realise the true love
as u wud not hurt her,
who ridicules ur emotions
and make ur woos but a comedy,
one devoid of slapstick-humour

a love dat cant be killed
a flame that cant be killed
a pain you feel,can it be healed?

this religion u follow and feel
do hope it leads u to the real
to light ur path
safeguard your right
to reach ur height and rise

cudnt resist the beauty of ur music
took me to a place real and knew
hope this love is worth dying for
for to love its poison and take it it in,…
well u simply remind me of one ROmeo
who did for love give up his life

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