astronomy crossword puzzle help plz?(DUE WEDNESDAY)?

ok i have an assignment due tomorrow and its an astronomy crossword puzzle.most of it is done but theres still a few im stuck on. help? the blanks are letters i still need for the answer. the center of planets and stars(4 letters _o_e)
5.beautiful displays of light(6 letters _ _ _o_ _)
6.icey visitor to the solar system(5 letters _ _ _e_)
8.a blemish on the surface of the sun (7 letters)

9.would float in a bathtub(6 letters)
15.also known as a minor planet(8 letters _ _ _e_ _ _ _)
19.another name for a planet’s moon(9 letters)

OOOhh Deja Vu.

1. core
5. aurorae
6. alien (a cold one, i guess). or comet
8. sunspot
9. saturn – even though it really won’t float, but rather get sucked in by the planet sized tub of water.
15. asteroid
19. satellite.

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