Rate my Yugioh Deck,,, Deck Three. Thanks?

Hey Guys, Just thought I would get some opinions on one of my decks.

This Deck is commonly referred to as my lawyers with wands, exploiting every loop hole.


Winged Kuriboh – 2
Winged Kuriboh LV10 – 2
Vanity’s Ruler
Banisher of the radiance – 2
Banisher of the light
Shining angle
Bountiful Artemis
Hysteric Fairy
Spirit of the Harp
Skelengel – 2
Goddess with the third eye
The forgiving maiden
Barrier statue of the Heavens
Kaiser Sea Horse


Transcendent Wings – 2
Soul Absorption – 2
Dimensional Fissure
Soul of the pure
Horn of the unicorn
Graceful Charity
Swords of Revealing light
Cestus of Dagla
Horn of the Unicorn
Luminous Spark
Soul Release
Mystical Space Typhoon
Gravedigger Ghoul
The Sanctuary in the sky


Astral Barrier
Spirit Barrier
D.D. Dynamite
Forced Back
Miraculous Descent
Solar Ray
Dust Tornado
Rope of Life
Ray of Hope
Horn of the Unicorn
Grave robber’s Retribution – 2
Light of Judgment
Jar of Greed
This Posted Question was ment for the Card Games section, I simply pushed the wrong button, as i was posting, my Apologies…

Add the agent cards and the field spell called sancturary in the sky. By the way the agents are as followed:Agent of force mars the agent of judgement saturn the agent of creation venus the agent of wisdom mercury

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