How good is my yugioh deck?

Please rate my deck out of 10. Any suggestions are welcome.


Great Angus
Amazon Archer
La Jinn The Mystical Genie Of The Lamp
Dark Blade
Harpie’s Brother x2
Dark Magician
Lord of D.
Ultimate Baseball Kid
Solar Flare Dragon x2
Blazing Inpachi
Maha Vailo
Saber Beetle x2
Despair From The Dark
Yomi Ship
Kaiser Sea Horse
X-Head Cannon
Ryu Kokki
Gearfried The Iron Knight
Raging Flame Sprite
Regenerating Mummy
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Neo The Magic Swordsman
Amazoness Blowpiper
Sanga Of The Thunder
Infernal Flame Emperor
Darkfire Soldier #1
Ocean Dragon Lord-Neo-Daedalus
Amazoness Fighter
Amazoness Paladin
Gilford The Legend
Master Kyonshee
7 Colored Fish
Giant Soldier Of Stone


The Flute Of Summoning Dragon
Stop Defense x2
Swords Of Revealing Light
Legendary Sword
Lightning Blade x2
Fairy Meteor Crush x2
Malevolent Nuzzler x3
Sword Of Dark Destruction
Axe Of Despair
Sword Of Deep-Seated
Dragon Treasure
Monster Reborn


Shadow Of Eyes
Final Attack Orders
Can I just say that almost every card in this deck has something it works well with. Kaiser Sea Horse/ Lord of D. work with Blue Eyes and Swords of Revealing Light work with Raging Flame Sprite. Also, this decks based on having a huge amount of monsters and equip magic cards to strengthen the ones that need sacrifices. My strategy wouldn’t work otherwise which is why I have so many cards.
P.S, Themed Decks are strong, but if you make them yourself, they’ll get crushed sixty per cent of the time.
Why does everyone either love or hate my deck. I haven’t gotten anything other than 5 or 10.

Can you say Heavy Storm? Because that just kills this deck.

You obviously haven’t read about the top tier decks. Of the three top decks crushing the game now, two have monsters all with a common word(s). Lightsworn and Gladiator Beasts dominate the metagame. Both are themes without their own structure decks.

I don’t care if you need to jam your deck with 60 cards to have enough combos. Your chances of drawing a combo are about zip if you shuffle properly.

You also lack cards like Mystical Space Typhoon, Mirror Force, Premature Burial. Even if you don’t have them, you should be able to find easy substitutes.

This deck wouldn’t make it past a duel with any well-built decks, I’m sorry, but it’s true.

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