Why does the word black have such a negative connotation to it?

Blackball, blackmail, blacklist, blackmarket, black cat, etc…
It wasn’t always like that; something that was once positive is now seen as negative; it is one of the most powerful colors in existence
Here are all the real positives:- As a color black has the ability to attract to it all rays of color and light
– Black is an absorber of both light and cosmic radiation
– Black capstones were often placed on Egyptian pyramids
and obselisks because of the powers inherent in the color black
– Solar energy cells are black
– Dry cell batteries are powered by black chemicals
– Energy is drawn towards black substances where it can be stored for a determined period of time and used as needed

In actuality black has always been and will always be a source of power and influence

Here is the clearing up of some misconceptions:
– Black as a color does not denote death; in some African and Oriental traditions white is used to symbolize death

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