Does a black solar car capture more solar energy than a white solar car?

Solar Car A is black, Solar Car B is white.
Because the color black absorbs sunlight, will solar car A’s solar panel capture more solar energy because the solar car’s body attracts more light rays
or does the color not matter?

are we talking about the car?
or the solar panels?
clearly, what color the car, other than the solar panels, is, does not matter.
the color of the solar panels is probably determined by what they are made of.
painting them, thus excluding light, is not likely to improve their performance.

black cars do tend to be hotter.

in warm climates, most people like to turn on the a/c.
that would sop up all the energy created by a solar panel.

look at what solar cars really look like.

there’s only space for 1 small person.
they only run a few hours a day.
they don’t go anywhere in the rain.

the problem that exists is that the amount of solar energy falling on the footprint of a car is really too small to provide the 40-80-160 hp that most folks seem to like.
they’re just not going to be useful in the foreseeable future.

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