why are some solar powered lights with seperate solar panel?

does anyone know why you can buy solar lights with built in solar panel and others come with large seperate solar panel with wire?does it mean the ones with seperate solar panel will be more powerful i.e brighter?

They may be more powerful, but it could just be the design, or a lower cost modification that a manufacturer has made, from a mains powered type, to make it run off solar.

Sometimes the panels are larger, and can generate more power. But youll need to check the specifications of the light as well as the batteries. I often improve the light shining hours by adding alternative rechargeable batteries, with a higher spec type, as they often ship with basic cheap batteries. It’s easy to double the light hours this way, often at little cost.

But youre right first to focus on the spec of the panel charger, as whether it charges a lot or not will determine how long your battery can run the light for. Some products show clear details, though others dont – I steer clear of poorly labelled products, as I like to know what Im buying. Check also the type of battery it uses too, as many use AA type etc, which can be bought reasonably cheaply, if you want to ‘upgrade’ the lit hours of your light. Charge them first in a charger if possible, to give then a complete charge.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

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