can I underpower LED lights?

I’m considering using LED UV light bulbs (3 or 5mm) to help grow some plants in my room this summer. I would just use the window and the natural sun, but my only window will be occupied with an air conditioner. Now the question, i was thinking of using led lights for this, and powering them off of a small solar panel i might place outside the window. Because plants require 12 hours of light, and darkness in a normal day, I’d like them to only be active for 12 hours a day. Would leds work under the constantly changing voltage of a solar panel as the sun moves and sets, or would they shut off, or receive some damage?

I am capable of using a battery and a timer, but I’m trying to cut costs and complication as much as possible. The panel will probably be stripped from a solar accent patio light. I’m also aware of the dangers of UV light and, if you must know, I’m growing bamboo, nothing illegal.

You can under power them, but it will not hurt them. I have 12″ UV LED light that have an inverter that powers them, the power draw is minimal and the output is amazing. I hooked them up to a car battery charger on 2amp trickle charge and ran them for 6 months straight with no problems.

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